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Salmonangler Fishing Report Log

Lake Michigan Ice Fishing
Kenosha Southport Marina on 12/21/2003

Kenosha Southport Marina

Click pictures to enlarge Southport Marina

South Pier in marina

Ice fishing

Nice Brown Trout

Trip Conditions:
Locations Fished: Southport Marina in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Date: 12/21/2003
Weather: Sunny, cold
Temperature: 40-45 degrees
Wind Velocity: 10 mph SW
Water Level: low, Clarity: clear
Fish Species Targeted: Brown Trout
Fish Caught: other fisherman had caught some brown trout, saw 8 fish
Fishing Trip Quality: just visiting

Had a few minutes between holiday commitments so I stopped by at the marina. The air temperature was in the 40's and that fact brought out a large group of fishermen. Several fish had been caught in the morning at first light. Most of the fish were again caught using brown trout spawn suspended with a bobber above the bottom. I saw a nice fish lost at the hole while they were trying to land the fish. It looked like the hook just slipped out of the fish's mouth. The gaff was not near the fish at the time and the angler played the fish perfectly

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