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Fishing Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Fishing Lake Michigan
in Kenosha, Wisconsin

     Friday, April 03, 2020
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Kenosha Harbor at
the Pike Creek Mouth

Pike Creek flows into Kenosha Harbor. In the 1950's the creek was put underground and today flows into the harbor through a 8 ft diameter pipe located near the Holiday Inn. There is a short pier that extends into the harbor next to the pipe.

Directions to the Pike Creek Mouth:
From I-94, take Highway 158 (52nd Street) east.
Highway 158 (52nd Street) Dead Ends at Kenosha Harbor.
Park on 6th Ave or
South (Right) on 6th Ave. Left on the next street to enter the parking lot.

Fishing options at the Pike Creek Mouth:
  • Casting spoons, jigs or lures.
  • Fishing with bait under bobbers.
  • Tight line fishing with bait.

  • Best times to fish the Pike Creek Mouth:
  • Smelt - April through mid May.
  • Coho Salmon - October.
  • Chinook Salmon - September through October.
  • Brown Trout - August through April.
  • Steelhead - November through April.
  • Brook Trout - November through April.

  • Brown Trout caught in Kenosha Harbor
    at the Pike Creek Mouth:

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