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Acme Spoons

Acme Little Cleo
2/5 ounce Casting Spoon
For Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

Acme Little Cleo Casting Spoon

The unique hump-backed shape of Little Cleo results in a seductive, wiggling action as the lure is drawn through the water. The illusion created is one of a fat baitfish, acting in an erratic, confused manner. This odd behavior triggers the predatory nature of the gamefish, who strike out of curiosity and anger, as well as hunger. This three-way appeal hooks them every time, and explains the Acme Little Cleo's success - it's famous countrywide as the one lure that takes all gamefish

Acme Little Cleo Casting Spoon sizes

Little Cleo Sizes:
  • C140 - 1/4 ounce Little Cleos - 1 5/8 inches long
  • C100 - 1/3 ounce Little Cleos - 1 7/8 inches long
  • C200 - 2/5 ounce Little Cleos - 2 1/8 inches long
  • C340 - 3/4 ounce Little Cleos - 2 1/2 inches long
  • ImageCodeNamePrice
    C200-CAcme Little Cleo C200-C - 2/5 ounce

    C200-CFDNAcme Little Cleo C200-CFDN - 2/5 ounce

    Chartreuse Red Dots
    C200-FTAcme Little Cleo C200-FT - 2/5 ounce

    C200-GAcme Little Cleo C200-G - 2/5 ounce

    C200-GAAcme Little Cleo C200-GA - 2/5 ounce

    C200-GFSAcme Little Cleo C200-GFS - 2/5 ounce

    Gold Fl Orange
    C200-GLBAcme Little Cleo C200-GLB - 2/5 ounce

    Glow in the Dark - Blue
    C200-GLBDAcme Little Cleo C200-GLBD - 2/5 ounce

    Glow in the Dark - Black Dots
    C200-GLFAcme Little Cleo C200-GLF - 2/5 ounce

    Glow in the dark - Orange
    C200-GLFTAcme Little Cleo C200-GLFT - 2/5 ounce

    Glow in the Dark - Firetiger
    C200-GLGAcme Little Cleo C200-GLG - 2/5 ounce

    Glow in the dark - Green
    C200-GNRAcme Little Cleo C200-GNR - 2/5 ounce

    Gold Neon Red
    C200-HBGGAcme Little Cleo C200-HBGG - 2/5 ounce

    Hammered Blue Green Gold
    C200-HNAcme Little Cleo C200-HN - 2/5 ounce

    Hammered Nickel
    C200-HPBAcme Little Cleo C200-HPB - 2/5 ounce

    Hammered Purple Blue
    C200-MPRAcme Little Cleo C200-MPR - 2/5 ounce

    Metallic Firetiger
    C200-NAcme Little Cleo C200-N - 2/5 ounce

    C200-NCSAcme Little Cleo C200-NCS - 2/5 ounce

    Nickel Chartreuse
    C200-NNBAcme Little Cleo C200-NNB - 2/5 ounce

    Nickel Neon Blue
    C200-NNGAcme Little Cleo C200-NNG - 2/5 ounce

    Nickel Neon Green
    C200-PRHAcme Little Cleo C200-PRH - 2/5 ounce

    Pearl Red Head
    C200-RTAcme Little Cleo C200-RT - 2/5 ounce

    Rainbow Trout
    C200-TSAcme Little Cleo C200-TS - 2/5 ounce

    Tequilla Sunrise

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