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Arctic Fisherman - Beaver Dam Tipup

Arctic Fisherman LLC
Beaver Dam Tip-up

Arctic Fisherman - Beaver Dam Tip-up
The Beaver Dam Tip up is made of premium wood. The Beaver Dam Tip-up has a solid brass flag holding spin trigger that is tapered on one end to release the flag rod after the lightest of bites and also features anti-wind slots for breezy days and to slow down the action of heavier strikes. The spin trigger rod is supported by an aluminum bearing and a seamless steel tube filled with our special freeze proof lubricant which will last for years of normal use. When necessary, this tube can be refilled at the factory. The underwater mechanism consists of a snag proof, free running spool topped by a heavy duty solid brass line guide designed to eliminate drag by swinging into the direction of the strike and yet heavy enough to prevent unwinding by the live bait. The spanner board is intentionally made of very high quality wood for comfortable handling in the coldest weather and is milled and routed for the convenient fold-up of elements during storage and transit. Truthfully, here is a piece of fine fishing equipment that will never become obsolete. It will serve you well for as many years as you care to fish.
ADBDArtic Fisherman - Beaver Dam Tip-up


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