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atlas mikes

Atlas Mikes Brite and Tight
Herring Formula Bait Brine
For all Fresh and Saltwater Fish

atlas mikes Brite and Tight Herring Brine

Atlas Mikes 3 in 1 Herring formula makes preparing your fresh or fresh frozen baits easy and effective. No mixing or additives needed. Just follow easy to use directions for great cured baits every time. Bait Preparation and handling is very important to improving your odds of consistently catching fish. For best results, use top quality fresh or fresh frozen baits. Keep fresh baits refrigerated or on ice prior to treating. Frozen baits should be treated after slightly thawed so formula can penetrate entire bait. Just add 1/3 bottle per dozen baits and allow to soak 24 hours. Your bait will be cured and dyed with added bite stimulants.

Brite and Tight can also be used with other baits like prawns, alewives, anchovies, shiners, minnows, shrimp, or crayfish. Available in Natural / Clear, Chartreuse, Red, Green, or Blue. Comes in an easy to use 32 ounce plastic bottle.

AT-BB-CAtlas Mikes Brite and Tight - Chartreuse

Herring Formula Bait Brine
AT-BB-CAtlas Mikes Brite and Tight - Clear

Herring Formula Bait Brine
AT-BB-GAtlas Mikes Brite and Tight - Green

Herring Formula Bait Brine
AT-BB-RAtlas Mikes Brite and Tight - Red

Herring Formula Bait Brine

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