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atlas mikes

Atlas Mikes Gel and Glo Bait Oil Scents
For all Fresh and Saltwater Fish

atlas mikes lunker lotion scent

Atlas Mikes Gel scent is a concentrated scent combined with a sticky formula that is irresistible to fish. Gel scent stays on lures and bait longer producing more aggressive strikes. Apply the scent directly to any lure or bait. Choose from many different scents and colors to target different species of fish. Gel scent has proven to be effective in both fresh and saltwater. Gel scent comes in an easy to use 2 ounce flip top plastic bottle.

Atlas Mikes Glo Scent Bail Oils make all lures and baits more effective. A special blend of scents, flavors and amino acids can stimulate fish to bite. The scents also mask out unwanted odors that can repel fish. The oil is easy to use by applying directly to your lure or bait. Glo Scent Bait Oils can also be injected into baits or used to marinate different baits to increase their effectiveness. Glo Bait Oils are available in an easy to use 2 ounce flip bottle.

AT-GS-ANAtlas Mikes Gel Scent - Anise

AT-BO-GANAtlas Mikes Glo Bait Oil Scent - Anise

Glow in the Dark Formula

AT-GS-CAtlas Mikes Gel Scent - Crayfish

AT-BO-GEAtlas Mikes Glo Bait Oil Scent - Earthworm

Glow in the Dark Formula

AT-BO-GGAtlas Mikes Glo Bait Oil Scent - Garlic

Glow in the Dark Formula

AT-BO-GHAtlas Mikes Glo Bait Oil Scent - Herring

Glow in the Dark Formula

AT-GS-HAtlas Mikes Gel Scent - Herring

AT-GS-SAAtlas Mikes Gel Scent - Salmon

AT-BO-GSEAtlas Mikes Glo Bait Oil Scent - Salmon Egg

Glow in the Dark Formula

AT-GS-SSAtlas Mikes Gel Scent - Sand Shrimp

AT-GS-SRAtlas Mikes Gel Scent - Sardine

AT-GS-SHAtlas Mikes Gel Scent - Shrimp

AT-GS-SOAtlas Mikes Siberian Shrimp Oil

AT-GS-STHDAtlas Mikes Gel Scent - Steelhead Salmon

AT-GS-TAtlas Mikes Gel Scent - Trout


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