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atlas mikes

Atlas Mikes Sac Atack
Jarred Anise Scented Egg Clusters

Atlas Mikes Sac Attack

Atlas Mikes Sac Attack is a soft plastic egg cluster that looks and feels like the real thing. Great for casting or drifting for steelhead, trout and salmon. Slide a single hook through the egg cluster and place the desired weight 18 to 24 inches above on the line. There are 10 anise scented egg clusters per jar.

AT-SA-BGAtlas Mikes Sac Attack - Bubblegum

AT-SA-CAtlas Mikes Sac Attack - Chartreuse

AT-SA-GLAtlas Mikes Sac Attack - Glow

AT-SA-ORAtlas Mikes Sac Attack - Orange

AT-SA-PAtlas Mikes Sac Attack - Pink

AT-SA-PrAtlas Mikes Sac Attack - Pink Pearl

AT-SA-RAtlas Mikes Sac Attack - Red


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