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Baitfish Trolling Weights

Baitfish Trolling Weights
The Baitfish Trolling Weights from Bead Tackle are an In-Line Trolling Weight designed by a tournament walleye angler for walleye anglers. These trolling weights work equally well for salmon, trout and steelhead. The baitfish weight imitates a smaller bait fish that is being chased by a larger fish (your lure). Simply add in front of spinner rigs, crawler harnesses, crank baits, plugs, dodgers, flashers or bait rigs to achieve greater depth and to keep your rig tracking true. Helps reduce tangles when running multiple lines with planer boards. The finish includes the newest glitter technology to achieve holographic colors for added attraction. On top is an eye to tie on your fishing line and on the back end is a Bead Chain Snap Tight snap making it easy to change your rigs. The bead chain eliminates line twist. The baitfish trolling weights are available in several fish attracting color patterns. Different sizes allow you to get your baits to different depths. They are packaged 3 per pack.

3 weights per package

BTW-bg-1/4Baitfish Trolling Weight 1/4 ounce - Black Gold

BTW-FT-1/4Baitfish Trolling Weight 1/4 ounce - Firetiger

BTW-SH-1/4Baitfish Trolling Weight 1/4 ounce - Shad

BTW-BG-3/8Baitfish Trolling Weight 3/8 ounce - Black Gold

BTW-BS-3/8Baitfish Trolling Weight 3/8 ounce - Black Silver

BTW-FT-3/8Baitfish Trolling Weight 3/8 ounce - Firetiger

BTW-SH-3/8Baitfish Trolling Weight 3/8 ounce - Shad

BTW-BS-1/2Baitfish Trolling Weight 1/2 ounce - Black Silver

BTW-BG-3/4Baitfish Trolling Weight 3/4 ounce - Black Gold

BTW-BS-3/4Baitfish Trolling Weight 3/4 ounce - Black Silver

BTW-SH-3/4Baitfish Trolling Weight 3/4 ounce - Shad


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