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Berkley Gulp Goby

4 inch long goby
Forage for Bass, Perch, Walleye and Trout

Gobies have become a major forage species in most of the Great Lakes for Bass, Perch, Walleye and Trout. The Berkley Gulp Gobies are 4 inches long and are an effective bait where gobies or sculpins are forage species. The Berkley Gulp Goby is without a doubt the most effective and most revolutionary artificial bait ever invented. It truly outcatches any other baits on the market, including live or cut bait. No one attractant applies equally well to all fish. That is why Berkley Gulp Gobies were created. Gulp Gobies are made of 100% biodegradable, natural ingredients that release 400 times the scent than plastic baits. Its scent trail attracts fish and triggers them to feed, outfishing live bait in head-to-head field tests. Gulp is the first bait to bridge the gap between artificial and live bait. The gulp goby will work equally well in rivers, streams and lakes were gobies are present.

Some features of the Berkley Gulp Goby include:
  • 4 inches in length
  • Non-perishable, does not require refrigeration
  • Twelve fish catching favorite colors
  • Releases 400 times the scent as plastic baits
  • 8 gobies per package


    Discontinued by Manufacturer
    No longer available

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