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Berkley Gulp Floating Egg

400 times more scent than plastic eggs

It took awhile, nearly two decades of intense laboratory analysis and field testing. But the wait is over. Berkley scientists have discovered how to unlock the mystery of attracting and catching more fish. And the key is the new Gulp! baits.

"All other plastic baits are oil based", said John Prochnow, Berkley Chemical Engineer. "As such, these oil based worms mask many of the very scents fish detect as food. But with Gulp!, we use only water-soluble natural ingredients and more of the scents and flavors we've found in our research that are favored by game fish. These are included in the formula when we make Gulp! products."

"Since Gulp! is water soluble, these scents and flavors are released into the water 412 times faster than oil based plastic baits. This generates a much broader zone of influence for the bait and we've proven that more fish are caught using Gulp! than the other plastic baits on the market."

While it took Berkley years to discover the secrets of creating Gulp!, the manufacturing process takes time too. By the time a Gulp! bait is placed into packaging the all-natural materials have completed 36 hours of processing to become a molded or extruded Gulp! bait.
BK-GE-CHBerkley Gulp Floating Egg - Chartreuse

BK-GE-FOBerkley Gulp Floating Egg - Fluorescent Orange

BK-GE-FRBerkley Gulp Floating Egg - Fluorescent Red

BK-GE-PBerkley Gulp Floating Egg - Pink

BK-GE-WHBerkley Gulp Floating Egg - White

BK-GE-YEOBerkley Gulp Floating Egg - Yellow


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