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Berkley Gulp Trout Bait Dough

The worlds most advanced Trout Bait.

Berkley Gulp Trout Bait Dough is formulated with the worlds most powerful scent and flavor ingredients. Field tests confirm that the Gulp Trout Baits fast dispersing scents and alluring flavor provides a potent and ultra-effective feeding stimulant for trout and salmon. Catch rates more than doubled compared with competive trout baits. Berkley Gulp Trout Bait Dough is by far the best Trout bait Berkley scientest have ever produced. Berkley Gulp Trout bait is simply irresistible to Trout and Salmon.

Some features of the Berkley Gulp Trout Bait Dough include:
  • Outfishes other Trout Baits
  • Suspends off the bottom
  • Non-perishable, does not require refrigeration
  • Seven colors
  • Releases 400 times the scent as plastic baits
  • Fortified with Gulp flavor bits
  • ImageCodeNamePrice
    BKG-APBerkley Gulp Trout Dough - American Pie

    BKG-CCHRBerkley Gulp Trout Dough - Chunky Chartreuse

    BKG-CCHEBerkley Gulp Trout Dough - Chunky Cheese

    BKG-GGRBerkley Gulp Trout Dough - Grassy Green

    BKG-MMCBerkley Gulp Trout Dough - Marshmallow Cluster

    BKG-ORPBerkley Gulp Trout Dough - Orange Pulp

    BKG-RCABerkley Gulp Trout Dough - Rainbow Candy

    BKG-SBBBerkley Gulp Trout Dough - Sherbet Burst


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