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Berkley Power Bait Rigged Atomic Tubes
Two sizes: 1/32 ounce and 1/16 ounce

One Inch in length
Ideal for enticing panfish, crappie and trout

Berkley Power Bait Atomic Tubes combine the power bait technology with the dip molding process to create a multi colored mini tube with the scent and flavor to attract all game fish. Ideal for enticing panfish, crappie and trout, the tentacles of this tube give it a lively action and more realistic presentation. Also great when rigged on miniature jigs and filled with Trout Bait, Power Bait Jelly or Crappie Nibbles. Some features of the Berkley Power Bait Atomic Tubes include:
  • Two sizes: 1/32 ounce and 1/16 ounce non lead jig head
  • Outperforms live bait because it lasts longer
  • Tentacles provide a lively action
  • 5 count package

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    Atomic Tubes and
    Atomic Teasers for Trout

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    BKAT32-PRBerkley Power Bait Atomic Tube Rigged 1/32 - Pearl


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