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Blacks Releases
for Downriggers, Outriggers, and Kites

Black Releases can be used for many functions:

For Downrigger use attach the ring end of the RC95 release clip to the snap swivel of the downrigger cable. Hook the downrigger weight to the snap end of the release clip as shown in DIA #1.

For Sliders, cut the attaching wire of the release clip and discard. Thread a crimp sleeve on the downrigger cable and secure it above the cable end as far above as you would like to fish the second line. Replace the lower clip and weight. When you attach your fishing line to the slider release clip and tighten the slack in the fishing line, the slider release will slide up the downrigger cable to your preset location. As shown in DIA #2.

For Stacking multiple lines on a downrigger cable, cut the attaching wire clip from the release clip and discard. You may place as many release clips on the down rigger cable as you would like. When lowering into the water secure, hold the release clips. Attach your fishing line and secure the clip to the downrigger cable with a tooth pick. Dia #3.

To attach your fishing line into the release clip, set the lure to the desired distance behind the boat. Bend your fishing line around your fingers and make 4 or more twists in the fishing line. Slide the loop off your fingers, putting the loop around the release arm of the clip. Close the arm in the clip and set the desired tension using the tension adjusting screw.

BK-RC95Blacks Release Clip for Downriggers with Snap

This release clip is made with the 'Ring & Snap' attaching bar for the ease and convenience of the angler to simply snap the clip in place on a downrigger.
BK-RC99Blacks Release Clip for Downriggers or Kite

The clip simply threads on the downrigger or kite line and held in position with a crimped sleeve, split shot, barrel swivel, or even a simple knot in the line.
BK-RC100Blacks Release Clip for Outriggers

This release clip is designed expressly to be used with the outrigger, downrigger or kite.

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