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Blood Run Tackle
Fluorocarbon Leader

Blood Run 100% Fluorocarbon Leader material is catching fish from Montauk to Minnesota to Mexico. Blood Run Tackle fluorocarbon leader material is not the same as fluorocarbon fishing line which is typically fluorocarbon coated monofilament line. What this means is, if you are going for true stealth fishing in clear waters, you defeat the purpose by using anything other than 100% fluorocarbon leader material.

Fluorocarbon leader material has minimal stretch, it does sink (unlike monofilament), and is virtually invisible under water (unlike monofilament). 100% Pure Fluorocarbon leader material from Blood Run Tackle has the same refractive index as water, is UV resistant, scent resistant, non-absorbent, and maintains its tensile strength in cold conditions.

Fluorocarbon leader material is the ultimate in line for tying trolling flies, squids or tuna jigs. What most trolling flies, squids or jigs lack is the stiffness of fluorocarbon to assist the whip action without using a heavier pound test line.

25 Yard Spools

BR-FL20Blood Run Fluorocarbon Leader 25 yards - 20 LB

BR-FL30Blood Run Fluorocarbon Leader 25 yards - 30 LB

BR-FL40Blood Run Fluorocarbon Leader 25 yards - 40 LB

BR-FL50Blood Run Fluorocarbon Leader 25 yards - 50 LB


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