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brads lures

Brads Thin Fish

from B.S. Fish Tales

brads thinfin lure

Brads Thinfish has rattles, VMC hooks, and weighs 1/2 ounce. The lure is based on the popular Thin Fin style bait. The Red Tiger color pattern is a top producer for Steelhead and Coho Salmon

BTF-34Brads Thin Fish - Luminous Glow

BTF-74Brads Thin Fish - Fire Tiger

BTF-98Brads Thin Fish - Red Hot Tiger

BTF-08Brads Thin Fish - Green Chartreuse

BTF-11Brads Thin Fish - Orange Chartreuse

BTF-26Brads Thin Fish - Metallic Silver and Chartreuse

BTF-28Brads Thin Fish - Rainbow

BTF-29Brads Thin Fish - Cerise Blue Back

BTF-38Brads Thin Fish - Crazy Red Yellow

BTF-39Brads Thin Fish - Gold Red Back

BTF-56Brads Thin Fish - Baby Bass

BTF-71Brads Thin Fish - Red Tiger

BTF-75Brads Thin Fish - Dark Copper

BTF-76Brads Thin Fish - Nickle Blue Back

BTF-81Brads Thin Fish - Blue Green Yellow Laser

BTF-85Brads Thin Fish - Red Bengal Tiger

BTF-105Brads Thin Fish - Watermelon

BTF-135Brads Thin Fish - Gold Black Red

BTF-259Brads Thin Fish - Gold Red Herringbone


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