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Dreamweaver Cut Plugs
5 inch model

Dreamweaver Cut Plugs from Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver 5 inch cut plugs are available in several finishes in glow and other patterns. The nose of the plug has a cut that causes a fish catching wobbling action. The Cut Plugs have a textured scale pattern embedded in the plastic for added flash and action. The glow plugs can maintain their glow for several hours. The super glow plastics and the extended glow paints make these plugs work well in all light conditions from total darkness to bright sunlight. The cut plugs are 5 inches long and have rattles. A fixed hook harness is molded into the plug and razor sharp hooks are included.

DW95001Dreamweaver Cut Plug - Super Green

DW95002Dreamweaver Cut Plug - Super Green Black Ladderback

DW95005Dreamweaver Cut Plug - Wonderbread

DW95009Dreamweaver Cut Plug - Natural Glow

DW95018Dreamweaver Cut Plug - Green Splatterback

DW95022Dreamweaver Cut Plug - Natural Glow Black Ladderback

DW95023Dreamweaver Cut Plug - Blue Splatterback

DW95024Dreamweaver Cut Plug - Yellow Splatterback

DW95025Dreamweaver Cut Plug - Pinky


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