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Eagle Claw Drop Shot Weights
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eagle claw drop shot weight
Eagle Claw Drop Shot Weights are designed to be used fishing using the drop shot technique. Drop shot sinkers have a unique fine wire pointed loop at the top of the sinker. Your fishing line is passed thru the loop at the opening near the sinker. The fishing line is then slid up the fine wire point of the loop. The point pinches the fishing line and holds the sinker in place without a knot. If the sinker snags on the bottom, gentle pressure will cause the fishing line to slip thru the wire loop. The wire loop also has a build in swivel that will rotate.
ec-ds1/8Eagle Claw Drop Shot Weight 1/8 ounce

7 drop shot weights per package
ec-ds1/4Eagle Claw Drop Shot Weight 1/4 ounce

6 drop shot weights per package
ec-ds1/2Eagle Claw Drop Shot Weight 1/2 ounce

4 drop shot weights per package
ec-dsasstEagle Claw Drop Shot Weight Assortment

29 drop shot weights per package,
plus dispenser

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