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Fenwick HMX Steelhead / Salmon Rods

Fenwick HMX
Steelhead and Salmon Casting Rods

Fenwick® HMX™ Casting fishing rods were designed for Steelhead and Salmon fishing by fishermen. Fenwick® HMX™ Casting fishing rods have a fast-taper, fast-action, and cross-scrim graphite performance. Some rods just feel right. Cross Scrim graphite construction utilizes overlapping layers of carbon fiber to achieve exceptional strength and action. The Fenwick® HMX™ series, with its true fast taper, happens to be one of them. This allows for faster actions with no weight increase. Cross-scrim IM7 graphite adds strength and balance to the butt section, making the HMX™ series ideal for situations where quick reflex hook sets and light weight are important. The cross-scrim construction also lends exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness.

All rods are Two Pieces

HMXT-83ML-2-FFenwick HMXT 8FT3IN ML Casting Rod

HMXT-86MH-2-FFenwick HMXT 8FT6IN MH Casting Rod

HMXT-99ML-2-MFFenwick HMXT 9FT9IN ML Casting Rod

HMXT-10XH-2-MFFenwick HMXT 10FT XH Casting Rod


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