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Fishcatcher Flashers

Bechhold fish catcher comes in three sizes 6 inch, 8 inch and large 11 inch. The rotating flasher can be used with trolling flies, spoons, squids, hootchies, cut bait or whole bait. The flasher is designed with a beveled edge to produce a prismatic effect through the water. Three different actions are available depending on which eyelet is used. The eyelet farthest from the fin produces the fastest action. Each flasher comes with two high quality ball bearing swivels. They offer little resistance, pull easy and can be used at either slow or fast trolling speeds.

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    Fishcatcher Flasher 6 inchFishcatcher Flasher 5 inch from Bechhold & Sons Flasher Company
    Fishcatcher Flasher 8 inchFishcatcher Flasher 8 inch from Bechhold & Sons Flasher Company

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