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Fishing Jigs for Salmon, Trout,
Steelhead and other fish

Jigs catch Fish
Fishing with jigs is a time honored method to catch fish. Multiple baits work well with jigs: Live Bait; Tinsel and Hair, Power Bait and Berkley Gulp tubes, grubs, minnows, leeches, worms, etc.; and other Miscellaneous other plastic baits. The shape and style of jig head will give different action to the various baits.
    Jig Fishing for Steelhead and Salmon BookAll the information you need to find and catch steelhead, coho, chinook, pink and chum salmon in rivers. In addition, there are complete chapters on making your own jigs and on fishing lead jigs.
    Danielson Steelhead JigsDanielson Blackhawk Steelhead Jigs with lifelike action marabou feathers tied to 2X strong hooks.
    Owner Flashy SwimmerThe Owner Flashy Swimmer has a molded weight with a spinner blade attached that makes the system deadly when rigged with plastic swimming baits.
    Owner Ultrahead Jig Darter Head StyleThe Owner Ultrahead Darter Head style jig is becoming a favorite jig when rigged with small swimbaits, power bait minnows and tubes.
    Owner Ultrahead Saltwater Bullet JigThe Owner Saltwater Bullet style jig is becoming a favorite jig when rigged with large swim baits, power bait minnows and power grubs.

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