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Fishing Weights, Sinkers, and Shot
for Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead

    Baitfish Trolling WeightsThe baitfish trolling weight imitates a smaller bait fish that is being chased by a larger fish (your lure).
    Bead Chain and Keel Trolling SinkersBead Chain and Keel Trolling Sinkers eliminate line twists or kinked fishing line.
    Sea Striker Quick Slide SinkerThe Sea Striker Quick Slide is the world's Only Quick-Change Sinker Slide. Twist and Lock with an EZ Release. Never cut your line again.
    Blackbird Shot Dispenser and Refill BagsBlackbird shot from Redwing Tackle comes in sizes that allow you to create the correct shot pattern for Steelhead drift fishing.
    Eagle Claw Drop Shot WeightsEagle Claw Drop Shot Weights are designed to be used fishing using the drop shot technique. Drop shot sinkers have a unique fine wire pointed loop at the top of the sinker.
    Lead Pencil Sinker Fishing WeightsLead Pencil Sinker Fishing Weights used for fishing deep water are less prone to snag than round weights.
    Michigan Stinger Dive Bomb Trolling WeightMichigan Stinger Dive Bombs are an add-on trolling sinker that can be attached anywhere on your line.
    Offshore OR20 Snap Weight SystemOffshore OR20 Snap Weight System is used for controlled depth trolling.
    Torpedo Diver Fishing WeightsTorpedo Diver Fishing Weights for trolling.

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