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Fishlander Ultra Glow Spoons
Magnum size #3, 4 3/4 inches long

Fishlander Spoons

Fishlander Ultra Glow Spoons

There are glow fishing spoons. And then there's the FISHLANDER Ultra-Glow Spoon. Unlike other fishing lures that start to dim after just 15 or 20 minutes, the Ultra-Glow Spoon, shines, shimmers and dances for up to three hours. This means you can keep the fishing lures in the water longer where they can work their magic. Made of high-quality brass, each is hand painted with a special formula for maximum effectiveness and durability. The results are simply amazing! When it comes to pursuing the majority of game fish out there, there's no fishing tackle like it on the market. Available in highly attractive Green and Blue Glow.

All Fishlander trolling spoons feature

Eagle Claw© Lazer Sharp Treble hooks


Discontinued, No longer available

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