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Float Fishing for Steelhead DVD

DVD by Nick Amato, Rob Crandall, and Matt Guiguet

Steelhead Float Fishing DVD by Nick Amato, Rob Crandall, and Matt Guiguet

Experts share their secrets for successful float-fishing. Covers: rigging floats, jigs, and gear, fishing techniques and tips, equiptment, reading water, and more.

Float-fishing for steelhead is very productive. It's the easiest and most effective way to hook steelhead. Nick Amato, Rob Crandall and Canadian float-fishing expert Matt Guiguet, share the secrets for successful float-fishing.

They cover: Rigging floats, jigs, and gear; fishing techniques and tips; equipment; reading water; and more. If you are looking to hook more steelhead, look no further.
    This 60 minute video also features:
  • Spectacular Underwater Footage
  • Sensational Fish-Catching Action
  • HUGE Native Steelhead

DVD 60 minutes


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