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Food Source Earthworms

3 inch long earthworms
Available in Multiple Scents and Flavors

Food Source Earthworm baits are the world's first and only molded fishing lures made entirely out of edible ingredients.
  • Protein Rich Fish Food. Food Source Lures are 100% protein and nutrient rich fish food. They are not plastic.
  • Powerful Scent Attractants. Because they are not plastic, Food Source Lures can be and are infused with powerful scents that tell fish "this is food." The scents are blended right in, not simply sprayed on.
  • Chum Trail. The scents in Food Source Lures are through and through and tip to tail, not just sprayed on. What you get is a built in chum trail that fish follow to hard strikes. This is much more potent and effective than plastic lures. Fish bite and hold on.
  • Durable. Food Source Lures are durable in freshwater and saltwater and last longer than live bait. Bassmaster magazine says they are even "more durable than many soft plastics."
  • Easy To Use. Food Source Lures look and act like soft plastic lures, but with their own unique features. You can rig them and fish them like soft plastic lures. And, unlike some other soft baits, you can put wet Food Source Lures back in the bag with unused lures. They come in a rainbow of colors, too.
  • Long Shelf Life. Because they are food, we make Food Source Lures with harmless food preservatives to maintain shelf life in the bag.
  • University-Tested. Food Source Lures are the product of years of research and development at Auburn University by a team of Ph.D. fish experts and food scientists working alongside die-hard fishermen.
  • Biodegradable. Food Source Lures do not pollute the environment because they are completely biodegradable. They will dissolve in about three weeks in the water, unless a fish or some other creature grabs them for a meal first.
  • Safe For Wildlife. Unlike soft plastic fishing lures or similar products, fish and other animals can eat, digest and metabolize FoodSource Lures. Tests by Auburn University showed that FoodSource Lures actually support fish growth.

about 15 Earthworms per package


Discontinued, No longer available

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