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Fool-a-Fish Spray

Accentuates the Flash
of UVA Light!

fool a fish uv spray

For Serious Bait and Lure Fisherman
Reflects UVA Light with 1000's of Tiny Crystalline Mirrors!
Lures and Baits Look like "Disco Balls" to the Fish
Transparent Water Resistant
Non-Toxic Odorless

fool a fish spray
While humans see three colors red, green-yellow and blue, fish with skeletons and birds see a fourth color in the ultraviolet (UVA) range. Invisible to the human eye, this high-energy radiation causes skin to tan and, as researchers found, it enables fish to more easily spot prey such as plankton. UVA light travels up to 1/2-mile in water, while visible light travels up to just 40 feet, this reflective quality is effective over long distances. Certain microscopic crystals which are highly reflective of UVA light are suspended in a liquid polymer film to cause them to adhere to a lure or bait. Treated with these flashing, iridescent crystals, baits and lures attract fish from great distances whenever the sun is above the horizon even on dark and stormy days, as clouds are easily penetrated by UVA light.

  • Odorless, not greasy, does not stain, easily removed with soap and water
  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe
  • Fool-a-Fish formula dries to form a water- repellent, slightly white coating which is highly reflective of UVA light
  • Available in long-lasting two-ounce or eight- ounce fingertip spray bottles
  • Fool-a-Fish clings to wet surfaces, so it can be used on live bait, cut bait, shrimp or worms.
  • Fool-a-Fish can be used on most lures without waiting for the formula to dry if the formula is reapplied at frequent intervals.
  • Does not harm the hackle, shroud or finish of artificial flies or lures.
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