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Gamakatsu Hooks
Skip Gap Worm Hook

gamakatsu hooks for salmon, trout and steelhead

The Skip Gap Hook from Gamakatsu is the hook every dock skippin Bass angler has been waiting for. Many soft plastics will slide off of the offset or simply come off when thrown hard against the water in an attempt to skip it under a dock. This is especially true on really hot days when the plastic can get extra soft. This unique patent pending hook is designed to hold soft plastics firmly in place so that no matter how hard you throw it, the plastic bait stays put. Unlike other hooks that have attempted to do the same thing, there is no special rigging required for this hook. Simply Texas rig it like any other wide gap style hook and itís ready to go. The wide gap is built to handle thicker baits like tubes, but is also ideal for stick type baits and regular soft plastic worms.

gamakatsu hooks for salmon, trout and steelhead
G266411Gamakatsu Skip Gap Worm Hook size 1/0

6 Hooks per package
G266412Gamakatsu Skip Gap Worm Hook size 2/0

6 Hooks per package
G266413Gamakatsu Skip Gap Worm Hook size 3/0

5 Hooks per package
G266414Gamakatsu Skip Gap Worm Hook size 4/0

5 Hooks per package
G266415Gamakatsu Skip Gap Worm Hook size 5/0

5 Hooks per package

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