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Gamma Fluorocarbon Leader

Top fishermen worldwide are switching to Gamma fluorocarbon leader material.

GAMMA 100% Fluorocarbon is the only fluorocarbon line that is "processed" with a proprietary method that makes it not only the most supple fluorocarbon in the world, but also the most "shock resistant". Now anglers can be confident of strong knots and not worry of hook setting break-offs. While other fluorocarbon lines have inherent drawbacks such as poor knotting qualities, low flexibility, and minimal shock resistance, GAMMA’s exclusive processing technology eliminates these drawbacks to create a line that is up to two times more flexible and shock resistant than other leading fluorocarbon lines. GAMMA High Performance Fluorocarbon Leader Material is made from an ultra high molecular weight, third generation Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) co-polymer that is extruded and drawn to GAMMA’s precise specifications. The super high tenacity filament is then subjected to an exclusive, proprietary process that alters the molecular structure of the material to increase its flexibility (suppleness) and Shock Resistance while retaining its high strength, abrasion resistance, and refractive qualities. With GAMMA High Performance Fluorocarbon Leader Material you will have more hook-ups and land larger, world-class fish.

27 Yard Spools


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