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Great Lakes Trout and Salmon Fishing Book:
The complete Trollers Guide

by Captain Dan Keating and Captain Chip Porter

Great Lakes Trout and Salmon Fishing Book

Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing
The Complete Trollers Guide

    • Acknowledgments
    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Introduction A Brief History of The Great Lakes
  • Chapter 1: Species Analysis
    • Success begins with understanding the behavior of your target
    • King (Chinook) Salmon
    • Coho (Silver) Salmon
    • Steelhead (Rainbow) Trout
    • Lake Trout
    • Brown Trout
    • Other Species
  • Chapter 2: Great Lakes Tackle
    • Everything you wanted to know about today's salmon and trout tackle
    • Boat Set Up: Setting Up the Perfect Fishing Platform
    • Rods, Reels and Other Necessities
    • Electronics: Do You Really Need a Degree in Technology?
  • Chapter 3: Great Lakes Lure Selection
    • How to enter a tackle store in the twenty first century without losing your mind
    • Spoons
    • Crankbaits
    • Attractors: Do You Really Need Them?
    • Dodgers, Flashers and Flies: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know and More
    • The Group (Trolling) Dynamic: How to Build an Irresistible Lure Spread
  • Chapter 4: Down And Out On The Great Lakes
    • Reaching the strike zone
    • Fishing with Downriggers
    • Everything You Can Imagine About Using Dipsy Divers
    • Wire Line The Least Understood Delivery Device
    • Get the Lead Out: Fishing Lead Core
    • Reaching Out With Planer Boards
  • Chapter 5: Putting It All Together
    • How to find and catch fish all season long
    • Spring Fishing
    • Shallow Water Techniques
    • Offshore Action Deep Water, It's Better Than You Think
    • Go Long For Great Mixed Bag Action
    • The Summer Transition
    • Summer Fishing on The Great Lakes = Big Fish Time
    • Locating Summer Salmon and Trout
    • Summer Techniques
    • Here They Come The Offshore Staging Process
    • Fall Fishing Techniques for The Great Lakes
    • Locating and Catching Autumn Salmon in Shallow Water
    • Deep Water Fall Action
  • Whether you are a beginner or expert Greats Lakes Salmon or Trout Fisherman, there is so much information in this book that everyone will learn something.

    Keating1Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing: Complete Trollers Guide

    Keating1Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing: Complete Trollers Guide


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