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Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing
Made Easy DVD
by Chip Porter

Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing Made Easy DVD
Join Chip Porter, The Salmon Master, as he shows how easy it is to fish for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead, from any size boat, in the Great Lakes. Using the knowledge and techniques from this teaching DVD, any angler can go out and experience success on their own. Great Lakes Salmon Fishing Made Easy assumes no previous experience or knowledge and takes a step by step approach in turning anyone into a Salmon and Trout catching machine.

Learn the techniques and methods of how to locate and catch Coho, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Chinook (King), including:
  • Flat Lines and Planer Boards
  • Tackle and Bait Selection
  • Downriggers and Dipsy Divers
  • Wire Lines
  • Dodgers, Flashers and Flies
  • Trolling Patterns and Speeds
  • Structure Fishing and Water Temperatures

Chip Porter has proven himself to be one of the top Great Lakes Salmon and Trout authorities and teachers in the country. Chip's teachings can be found as a featured expert for In-Fisherman Magazine and Television, Fishing Pro for Midwest Outdoors Magazine and Television, and contributor to North American Fisherman Magazine and one of America's favorite outdoors radio shows, Fishing Chicagoland.

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