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Hot spot Flashers

Hot Spot Flashers

Hot Spot Flasher UV - 852

The Original Hot Spot Flasher is available in 8 and 11 inch long models. The Hot Spot Flasher is one of the most popular trolling flashers for Salmon and Trout. Hot Spot Flashers were originally developed in the 1950ís. The shape of the flasher and material used gives an optimum rolling and kicking action in the water when trolled. Salmon are attracted to the vibrations given off by the flasher, the darting action of the flasher duplicates the vibrations made by feeding salmon when they attack bait fish. Other feeding fish are attracted to the vibration in the water. The hungry salmon then sees your lure behind the flasher as an easy meal. Lures used behind the flashers typically include cut bait herring, trolling squids, trolling flies and a variety of artificial lures. The ideal leader length for lures behind the flasher can vary considerably. The leader length is influenced by size of the flasher (8 inch or 11 inch),Hot spot Flasher Downrigger Rigging trolling speed, type of fish targeted, water temperature, action or lack of action by the lure itself, and a host of other variables. Generally cold water (below 45 degrees) and faster speeds require longer distances for leader lengths. Hot Spot flashers come in a variety of colors and finishes. The basic blade colors are white, red, blue, green, chartreuse, clear UV, purple, chrome and black. The taped finishes include: reflective silver Mylar, glow in the dark, transparent pearl, holographic Mylar, and UV reflective Mylar tape.

Click on either the 8 inch or 11 inch flasher links below:
    Hot Spot Flashers 8 inchHot Spot Flashers 8 inches long.
    Hot Spot Flashers 11 inchHot Spot Flashers 11 inches long.

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