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Howie Fly

Howie Fly
Rigged and Unrigged 6 packs
For Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

For over 30 years, Howie's Tackle has been making "The Original Howie Fly". This little fly has been hammering record breaking salmon, trout and steelhead all over the Midwest for all those years. Tie a Howie Fly on behind your favorite dodger or flasher and see why their products simply catch more fish.

HF002Howie Fly Rigged - Glitter White Prizmatic

HF6P003Howie Fly Unigged 6 pack - Green

Unrigged 6 pak
HF004Howie Fly Rigged - Glitter Green Crinkle

HF6P004Howie Fly Unigged 6 pack - Glitter Green

Unrigged 6 pak
HF018Howie Fly Rigged - Glitter Aqua

HF6P018Howie Fly Unigged 6 pack - Glitter Aqua

Unrigged 6 pak
HF023Howie Fly Rigged - Little Boy Blue

HF6P023Howie Fly Unigged 6 pack - Little Boy Blue

Unrigged 6 pak
HF035Howie Fly Rigged - Mirage

HF037Howie Fly Rigged - Glitter Aqua Glow

HF045Howie Fly Rigged - Glitter Mirage

HF049Howie Fly Rigged - Glitter Double Aqua

HF6P049Howie Fly Unigged 6 pack - Glitter Double Aqua

Unrigged 6 pak
HF050Howie Fly Rigged - Mistake Green / LBB

HF051Howie Fly Rigged - Super Glitter Aqua

HF6P062Howie Fly Unigged 6 pack - Glitter Super Frog

Unrigged 6 pak
HF063Howie Fly Rigged - Glitter Super Glow Frog

HF066Howie Fly Rigged - Bull Frog

HF6P066Howie Fly Unigged 6 pack - Glitter Bull Frog

Unrigged 6 pak
HF084Howie Fly Rigged - Glitter Aqua Frog

HF6P084Howie Fly Unigged 6 pack - Glitter Aqua Frog

Unrigged 6 pak
HF119Howie Fly Rigged - 57 Special

HF6P119Howie Fly Unigged 6 pack - 57 Special

Unrigged 6 pak
HF120Howie Fly Rigged - 57 Special Flat

HF126Howie Fly Rigged - Obsession

HF127Howie Fly Rigged - The Boss

HF128Howie Fly Rigged - Shamrock

HF130Howie Fly Rigged - Aqua 5000

HF131Howie Fly Rigged - Jumpin Donkey

HF132Howie Fly Rigged - Cookie Monster


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