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Johnson Spoons

Johnson Silver Minnow Weedless Spoons

Johnson Silver Minnow Weedless Spoons
The Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon is practically weedless. The most versatile and successful lure ever made, the legendary Johnson Silver Minnow is a tackle box standard. It casts a mile, it's unstoppable in slop, and it won't twist your line. It can be trolled or jigged, or just twitched on the bottom. And best of all, it catches anything that swims. The silver minnow has a patented 35 degree wobble, the spoon rocks back and forth giving an action that is irresistible to most fish. Adding a tail with a power bait grub increases the attraction. The silver minnows are plated with genuine Silver or 24k Gold for a brighter flash than other spoons.
JSM18-SLVRJohnson Silver Minnow 1/8 ounce - Silver

JSM14-SLVRJohnson Silver Minnow 1/4 ounce - Silver

JSM12-SLVRJohnson Silver Minnow 1/2 ounce - Silver

JSM14-BLKJohnson Silver Minnow 1/4 ounce - Black

JSM18-GLDJohnson Silver Minnow 1/8 ounce - Gold

JSM14-GLDJohnson Silver Minnow 1/4 ounce - Gold

JSM12-GLDJohnson Silver Minnow 1/2 ounce - Gold

JSM34-GLDJohnson Silver Minnow 3/4 ounce - Gold

JSM14-RFJohnson Silver Minnow 1/4 ounce - Red Flash

JSM12-FTJohnson Silver Minnow 1/2 ounce - Firetiger

JSM34-FTJohnson Silver Minnow 3/4 ounce - Firetiger

JSM14-RBOJohnson Silver Minnow 1/4 ounce - Rainbow

JSM12-RBOJohnson Silver Minnow 1/2 ounce - Rainbow

JSM12-RSGDJohnson Silver Minnow 1/2 ounce - Red Shad Gold

JSM14-CHFJohnson Silver Minnow 1/4 ounce - Chartreuse Flash

JSM12-CHFJohnson Silver Minnow 1/2 ounce - Chartreuse Flash

JSM14-FTFJohnson Silver Minnow 1/4 ounce - Firetiger Flash

JSM12-FTFJohnson Silver Minnow 1/2 ounce - Firetiger Flash


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