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Koppers Live Target Smelt

Live Target Smelt

The Rainbow Smelt can be found throughout most of the Great Lakes and reservoirs located in the U.S and Canada. This schooling target is preyed upon by most freshwater game fish such as Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Trout and Salmon. The Live Target smelt is so realistic that it will fool most game fish into thinking that it is their next meal. The ultimate stick bait, the Live Target Smelt has a weight transfer system, rattle chamber, and suspends effortlessly. The different lip style designs have stabilizers that will produce a deadly rolling tail kick to the lure.

Available in two colors:

Live Target Smelt Live Target Smelt

Available in two depth ranges:

Live Target Smelt

Shallow Diver 3-4 feet

Live Target Smelt

Deep Diver 10-12 feet

RS115D208Live Target Smelt 4 1/2 inch Deep Diver Gold / Black


This product has been Discontinued
and is no longer available

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