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Luhr Jensen
Dave Davis Lake Trolls

Large Hammered Blades
for maximum light reflection and vibration!!

The Luhr Jensen Dave Davis Lake Trolls have large hammered blades on stainless steel wire and flexible cable. Hook your line directly to the plastic rudder or use an in line a sinker or heavy weigh. Can also be used attached directly to your downrigger for an added attractor. Attach a short 2 to 4 foot monofilament leader to your bait or lure. Common lures include plugs, small wobblers or live bait.

48 inches long, with rudder, three #8 (5 1/4 inch long) willow leaf blades and four #7 (3 inch long) bear valley blades.
LJ-DD-HNLuhr Jensen Dave Davis Lake Troll - Hammered Nickel


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