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mepps spinners

Mepps Aglia Spinners
For Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

mepps aglia spinners for trout and salmon

Mepps Aglia Spinners have caught more trophy fish than any other lure. The Mepps Aglia spinner is the original French spinner. The classic french spinner blade provides continuous flash and vibration. Spinner blade size can be important. Generally smaller blade sizes and lure will catch smaller fish. Size #2 and #3 are generally used for stream trout, but there are days when a small blade will outfish larger blades for steelhead and salmon. Size #4 and # 5 Aglias are ideal for large rainbow trout, brown trout and steelhead, as well as coho (silver) and chinook (king) salmon. The weights for the various blade sizes are: B0 = 1/12 oz., B1 = 1/8 oz.,, B2 = 1/6 oz., B3 = 1/4 oz., B4 = 1/3 oz., B5 = 1/2 oz.

Available in several sizes:

mepps aglia spinners for trout and salmon
AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Brown Trout

Order desired size below:
AB2-BTMepps Aglia Spinner B2 - Brown Trout

AB3-BTMepps Aglia Spinner B3 - Brown Trout

AB4-BTMepps Aglia Spinner B4 - Brown Trout

AB5-BTMepps Aglia Spinner B5 - Brown Trout

AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Copper

Order desired size below:
AB2-CMepps Aglia Spinner B2 - Copper

AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Gold

Order desired size below:
AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Hot Chartreuse

Order desired size below:
AB5-HCMepps Aglia Spinner B5 - Hot Chartreuse

AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Hot Fire Tiger

Order desired size below:
AB2-HFTMepps Aglia Spinner B2 - Hot Fire Tiger

AB3-HFTMepps Aglia Spinner B3 - Hot Fire Tiger

AB4-HFTMepps Aglia Spinner B4 - Hot Fire Tiger

AB5-HFTMepps Aglia Spinner B5 - Hot Fire Tiger

AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Hot Orange

Order desired size below:
AB2-HOMepps Aglia Spinner B2 - Hot Orange

AB3-HOMepps Aglia Spinner B3 - Hot Orange

AB5-HO Mepps Aglia Spinner B5 - Hot Orange

AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Hot Pink

Order desired size below:
AB2-HPMepps Aglia Spinner B2 - Hot Pink

AB3-HPMepps Aglia Spinner B3 - Hot Pink

AB4-HPMepps Aglia Spinner B4 - Hot Pink

AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Rainbow Trout

Order desired size below:
AB2-RBTMepps Aglia Spinner B2 - Rainbow Trout

AB4-RBTMepps Aglia Spinner B4 - Rainbow Trout

AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Silver

Order desired size below:
AB2-SMepps Aglia Spinner B2 - Silver

AB5-SMepps Aglia Spinner B5 - Silver

AgliaMepps Aglia Spinner - Silver Red White

Order desired size below:
AB3-SRWMepps Aglia Spinner B3 - Silver Red White

AB4-SRWMepps Aglia Spinner B4 - Silver Red White

AB5-SRWMepps Aglia Spinner B5 - Silver Red White


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