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mepps spinners

Mepps See Best Spinners
For Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

mepps see best spinners for trout and salmon

Mepps See Best spinners were designed for steelhead and salmon fishermen in the Northwest rivers. They incorporate Mepps Color Technology to provide maximum spinner visibility under all seasonal weather and water conditions. The See Best spinners unique body construction allows the spinner to be viewed from the front, side and rear. It is balanced for quarter casting, and a bottom ticking retrieve. Spinner blade size can be important. Generally smaller blade sizes and lure will catch smaller fish. Size #2 and #3 are generally used for stream trout, but there are days when a small blade will outfish larger blades for steelhead and salmon. Size #4 and # 5 are ideal for large rainbow trout, brown trout and steelhead, as well as coho (silver) and chinook (king) salmon. The weights for the various blade sizes are: B0 = 1/12 oz., B1 = 1/8 oz.,, B2 = 1/6 oz., B3 = 1/4 oz., B4 = 7/16 oz., B5 = 5/8 oz.

Available in several sizes:

mepps spinners for trout and salmon

See Best Spinners
Have Been discontinued by Mepps
They are no longer available


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