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michigan stinger trolling spoons

Michigan Stinger Fish Rigs

Michigan Stinger Fish Rig

The Michigan Stinger Fish Rig is a deadly trolling rig for Lake Trout, other Trout and Salmon. The Stinger Fish Rig has been adapted for freshwater use based on the umbrella rig concept used successfully for saltwater trolling for years. The rig resembles a school of baitfish when trolled ahead of your favorite lure. Recommended leader lengths for spin ní glows, peanuts or other bait is 24 inches. Recommended leader length for trolling spoons or plugs is 30 inches. The rig is very effective when trolled for Lake Trout and King Salmon below 2 miles per hour. Higher speeds can be used to attract other species of fish. The rig should be allowed to dry before packing away after your fishing trip.

Michigan Stinger Fish Rig

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  • ImageCodeNamePrice
    FR01Michigan Stinger Fish Rig - Yellow Mt Dew

    Yellow Mt Dew both sides
    FR02Michigan Stinger Fish Rig - Chartreuse Mt Dew

    Chartreuse Mt Dew on one side, Silver Fish scale on the other side
    FR03Michigan Stinger Fish Rig - Salmon Rig

    Silver Fish Scale on both sides
    FR04Michigan Stinger Fish Rig - Glow in the Dark

    Glow in the dark on both sides

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