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Michigan Stinger Magnum Trolling Spoons

michigan stinger trolling spoons

Magnum size: 4 3/4 inches long

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All Michigan Stinger Magnum sized trolling spoons have genuine silver plating.

MS-MSH138MiStinger Magnum Spoon - Blue Thunder

MS-MSH124MiStinger Magnum Spoon - Carmel Dolphin

MS-MSH873032MiStinger Magnum Spoon - Deep Purple

MS-MSH883028MiStinger Magnum Spoon - Dr Hook

MS-MSH14042MiStinger Magnum Spoon - Glow Puke

MS-MH72MiStinger Magnum Spoon - Green Dolphin

MS-MSH73MiStinger Magnum Spoon - Green Puke

MS-MSH59MiStinger Magnum Spoon - Monkey Puke


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