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moonshine trolling plugs

Moonshine Trolling Plugs
Super Glow and UV Reflective

for Salmon, Trout, Steelhead and anything else that swims

The #3 Plug size is 4 3/4 inches long

Moonshine trolling plugs are some of the brightest glowing lures available. The pictures below show the plug uncharged and below with a black background the image that glows in the dark. The pictures do not reflect the true brightness of the glowing spoons. Purple or Violet glowing paint requires a longer exposure to natural or UV light for a full charge. The moonshine trolling plugs are not limited to fishing only in the dark, they can also be fished during the day as they are highly UV reflective.
MS-PL3-BFMoonshine Plug #3 - Blue Flounder

MS-PL3-CFMoonshine Plug #3 - Crab Face

MS-PL3-FPMoonshine Plug #3 - Flounder Pounder

MS-PL3-GBNMoonshine Plug #3 - Glow Bloody Nose

MS-PL3-GJMoonshine Plug #3 - Green Jeans

MS-PL3-HMMoonshine Plug #3 - Happy Meal

MS-PL3-MBMoonshine Plug #3 - Mongolian Beef

MS-PL3-RCMoonshine Plug #3 - Raspberry Carbon


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