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Mustad Slow Death Hooks

Mustad Slow Death hooks are based on a design that was developed during the 1990's by several professional walleye anglers. Incredible action was added to their live bait presentations by using hooks bent in a specific fashion. The result was a new contest winning technique called "Slow Death". The technique can be fished slow or fast. The irresistible slow death spiral action of the bait entices all species of fish. Attach a bottom bouncer or weight to you main fishing line. Add a 4 to 6 foot leader and attach the hook. Thread half a night crawler or plastic worm over the hook shank up to and over the hook eye. The result is a corkscrew action that mimics the death spiral of wounded bait.

Three hook sizes: 1, 2, 4
Three hook colors: bronze, gold, and red
Ten hooks per package

Mustad Slow Death
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  • In stock hook colors and sizes listed below:

    MSD-B1Mustad Slow Death Hook size 1 - Bronze

    MSD-G1Mustad Slow Death Hook size 1 - Gold

    MSD-R1Mustad Slow Death Hook size 1 - Red

    MSD-B2Mustad Slow Death Hook size 2 - Bronze

    MSD-B2-25Mustad Slow Death Hook size 2 - Bronze (25 pack)

    MSD-R2-25Mustad Slow Death Hook size 2 - Red (25 pack)

    MSD-G2Mustad Slow Death Hook size 2 - Gold

    MSD-G2-25Mustad Slow Death Hook size 2 - Gold (25 pack)

    MSD-B4Mustad Slow Death Hook size 4 - Bronze

    MSD-G4Mustad Slow Death Hook size 4 - Gold

    MSD-R4Mustad Slow Death Hook size 4 - Red


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