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Oki Magna Glow Flashers 8 inch

The "Magna-Glow" series of flasher offers all attractor features: action, vibration, reflection and natural glow. Produced with an "all glow" body, it emitts natural phosphorescence similar to that of sea life. Available in a variety of finishes, color combinations and special effects. Special attention has been placed on the ultra-violet properties of the paints and finishes used. A strip of Silver prism tape is on the rear side of the blade.

OKI8105Oki Flasher 8 inch Magna Mother of Pearl

OKI8101Oki Flasher 8 inch Magna Glow Green Frog

OKI8106Oki Flasher 8 inch Magna Glow Pink Frog

OKI8107Oki Flasher 8 inch Magna Glow Blue Frog


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