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Okuma Catalina Trolling
Line Counter Reel

The Okuma Catalina Line Counter reel was build to meet the demands of todays fisherman. With the explosion of narrow diameter super lines, today's fishing applications are changing. Down sizing to smaller light weight tackle, while targeting larget game fish is the trend. The super lines have the capacity to put incredible stress on tackle. The flagship catalina star drag series is designed and built with today's fishing in mind. The heart of the Catalina is the XL stainless steel self lubricating gearing fitted with the oversized Carbonite drag system. The large capacity gears stand up to the strain of extreme fishing, keeping friction free while under pressure. Catalina reels are built for the ultimate strength, durability and performance for any fishing application.

Okumas Machined Rigid Frame construction incorporates a one-piece fully machined aluminum frame. These rigid bar-stock aluminum frames are the ultimate in precision alignment and tolerances withstanding more pressure and torque than any other material used in our industry for frame materials. Okuma features these anodized frames on fly reels, baitcast reels, lever drag reels and star drag trolling reels Okuma advances in gearing technology allows then to control the physical properties of the material with a high degree of accuracy. Our stainless steel gearing system is exceptionally strong and has a considerably longer wear life giving your reel a more dependable gear train.
  • Strike Zone Linecounter System: The Okuma Catalina Line Counter reels have a mechanical counter that precisely measures line based on spool revolutions. These counters measure in feet and are calibrated at the factory to be most accurate with a full spool and monofilament lines.
  • Strong arm levelwind: This heavy-duty, stainless steel levelwind is Titanium coated and built to withstand the punishment of braided and wire lines. The guide has been designed with an increased opening to insure proper knot clearance when fishing with double lines.
  • Multi-disk carbon fiber drag washers: These highly efficient carbon fiber drag washers decrease friction as drag pressure and spool velocity increases. The heat dissipating properties found on these US made drag washers produce one of the smoothest, most precise and longest lasting drag systems available in the fishing tackle industry.
  • Quick-set antireverse roller bearing: This system allows for instant handle engagement and eliminates all handle back play commonly found in many reels. This is accomplished by using a corrosion resistant stainless steel roller bearing that engages the reel in one direction for rock solid hook sets.
  • XL gearing: The XL gearing design found on both lever drag and star drag reels incorporates an oversized gear box that features an enlarged gearing system and enlarged drag system. The drag surface areas on this system are more than 50% larger than a standard gear box design. For the gear system, the major advantage is that the gear teeth are substantially larger, allowing more strength and cranking power. This is how we are able to offer a high speed gear ratio reel without sacrificing cranking power. Our XL gearing system essentially turns your reel into a winch.
  • Speed Loc Pinion Gear System: The SLG technology incorporates a dual step pinion gear system on star drag reels that allows positive engaging at extreme high speeds. The SLG system allows for instant gear engagement when engaging from freespool to strike at speeds in excess of 50 MPH.
  • Stainless steel self lubricating gear system: The self lubricating gear system is a feature found on Okumas higher-end star drag reels. The main gear on this system incorporates a heat sensitive oil impregnated brass bushing that is mounted in the center of the gear. This system releases oil if friction increases to keep the main gear and drive shaft running smoothly in all conditions. Okuma is the first company to adopt this technology which originated in the large machine industry where this function has been time tested for many years.
  • Ergo grip handle knobs on all power handles: An extremely comfortable oversized handle knob design for both speed and power. This soft touch knob has been ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand and will be found on certain Okuma lever drag reels, star drag reels and some spinning reel models.
  • Micro-click drag adjustment system.
  • 3 stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Dual anti-reverse feature on all sizes.
  • Spool stabilizing system for increased durability.
  • Extra stainless steel paddle handle with 15/20 sizes.

Line Counter Reels

Model Gear ratio Bearings Weight Line retrieve Monofilament line capacity
(diameter in mm.)
Braided line
capacity (mm)
CT-15D 5.1:1 3BB + 1RB 17.3 23" 330/10 (0.30), 290/12 (0.32), 240/14 (0.35) 375/30 (0.28)
CT-20D 5.1:1 3BB + 1RB 17.9 23" 290/14 (0.35), 230/18 (0.40), 210/20 (0.42) 450/30 (0.28)
CT-25D 4.0:1 3BB + 1RB 23.3 24" 390/15 (0.37), 320/20 (0.42), 230/25 (0.48) 430/50 (0.36)
CT-30D 4.0:1 3BB + 1RB 24.4 24" 510/15 (0.37), 420/20 (0.42), 310/25 (0.48) 560/50 (0.36)
CT-45D 4.0:1 3BB + 1RB 25.6 26" 580/20 (0.42), 430/25 (0.48), 330/30 (0.55) 790/50 (0.36)

Discontinued, no longer available


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