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Okuma Magda Star Drag Line Counter Reels

okuma magda line counter reel
The Okuma Magda is ideal for Great Lakes, salmon trolling, or any light saltwater fishing, When putting your line where the fish are, exactly where they are, makes the difference.

The Magda frames are made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant graphite, These reels are fitted with precision cut brass gears for extra strength and long life durability. the stainless steel level wind feature distributes the line evenly for a flat line lay, reducing twists and tangles. The new Rulidium drags make the full line of Magda DX reels that much smoother, while keeping the high end drag pressure.
Model Type Gear Ratio Spool Width Bearings

Line Capacity (yds/lbs.)

MA-15DX Counter 5.1 :1 1.5 2 320/14 240/12 200/14
MA-20DX Counter 5.1:1 1.5 2 240/14 190/18 160/20
MA-30DX Counter 4.0:1 1.8 2 450/15 340/20 280/25
MA-45DX Counter 4.0:1 2 2 480/20 390/25 320/30

OKMA20dxtOkuma Magda 20DXT

OKMA30dxtOkuma Magda 30DXT

OKMA45dxtOkuma Magda 45DXT


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