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Owner Ultrahead Saltwater Bullet Head Jig

Owner Ultrahead Saltwater Bullet Jig
The Owner Saltwater Bullet style jig is becoming a favorite jig when rigged with large swim baits, power bait minnows and power grubs. The heavier jig head allow casting the largest swim baits. The jig head is designed with two holding barbs to help secure the bait. The combination of the saltwater bullet head jig with a large swim bait is highly effective for large trout, salmon, northern pike, bass and musky. The Owner Saltwater Bullet style jig features a classic saltwater jig head design, molded around an Owner 5319 forged XXX strong jig hook, with wide gap, Super Needle Point and Black Chrome finish.

3 jigs per package

OWJ-SW1Owner Ultrahead Jig - Saltwater Bullet 1 ounce

3 jigs per package,
Size 5/0 hook
OWJ-SW1.5Owner Ultrahead Jig - Saltwater Bullet 1-1/2 ounce

3 jigs per package,
Size 7/0 hook

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