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Pautzke Fire Brine Liquid Cure
for Herring, Bait, Shrimp, or Eggs
32 ounce bottle

Pautzke Fire Brine Liquid Cure

Pautzke Fire Brine liquid cure are a proprietary mix of Pautzke's most tried and true curing agents and vibrant dyes, Fire Brine provides the toughening, coloring and scent agents that are the key elements of a brine, all in a simple one-step, out of the bottle mix that makes it easier than ever for anglers to achieve the perfect baits, whether they’re advanced or raw beginners. Pautzke Bait Company uses only premium ingredients to guarantee our scents, cures and powders are the strongest on the market.

P-BLPautzke Fire Brine 32 ounce - Blue

P-ChPautzke Fire Brine 32 ounce - Chartreuse

P-CLRPautzke Fire Brine 32 ounce - Clear

P-OrPautzke Fire Brine 32 ounce - Orange

P-PuPautzke Fire Brine 32 ounce - Purple

P-RdPautzke Fire Brine 32 ounce - Red


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