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Peanut Flies

Peanut Flies
Peanut flies are used trolled behind either a dodger or flasher. Trolling Peanut Flies for Coho Salmon is the main presentation used for the early spring fish on Lake Michigan. All salmon and trout will attack a peanut fly trolled behind a dodger or flasher. They can be used with a variety of trolling techniques: Downriggers, Planner Boards, or Dipsy Divers. Peanut Flies are tied directly onto treble hooks. Care must be used unhooking fish with peanut flies in their mouths. Do not grab the thread or fly material directly with your pliers as it can destroy the fly. Leader length for peanut flies is 12-18 inches from the back of your dodger or flasher to the peanut fly. Peanut flies are tied using an extra sharp size #4 VMC hooks.
PF901Peanut Fly - Green Gold

PF902Peanut Fly - Green Pearl

PF903Peanut Fly - Green Silver

PF904Peanut Fly - Green Blue

PF905Peanut Fly - Green Blue Gold

PF907Peanut Fly - Holographic Green Mirage

PF909Peanut Fly - Lime Green

UV Reflective Material
PF911Peanut Fly - Blue Gold

PF912Peanut Fly - Blue Pearl

PF913Peanut Fly - Blue Silver

PF914Peanut Fly - Blue Copper

PF915Peanut Fly - Blue Pearl Mirage

PF916Peanut Fly - Green Copper

PF919Peanut Fly - Lite Blue Green

PF920Peanut Fly - Black

PF921Peanut Fly - Black Red Head

PF922Peanut Fly - Black Green

PF923Peanut Fly - Black & Red

PF930Peanut Fly - Mirage

PF931Peanut Fly - Pearl Red Head

PF932Peanut Fly - Little Boy Blue

PF933Peanut Fly - LBB Blue/Green

PF934Peanut Fly - Candy Cane

PF935Peanut Fly - Orange Shrimp

PF936Peanut Fly - Pink Shrimp

PF940Peanut Fly - Purple Black Blue

PF941Peanut Fly - Purple Mirage

PF943Peanut Fly - Purple Black

PF944Peanut Fly - Mardi Gras

Purple, Green, and Gold
PF945Peanut Fly - Holographic Purple

PF946Peanut Fly - Lite Purple

PF947Peanut Fly - Holographic Purple Chartreuse

UV Reflective Material
PF948Peanut Fly - Holographic Purple Mirage

PF952Peanut Fly - Blue Green Copper

PF953Peanut Fly - OZ

Holographic Emerald Pearl and Mirage
PF955Peanut Fly - Dirty OZ

Holographic Emerald Pearl and Holographic Green

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