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Pline Fish Egg Beads
Single Trout and Salmon Egg Imitation
Used fishing for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout

Pline Fish Egg Beads used fishing for Salmon and Trout

The Fish Egg bead box from Pline gives anglers 20 great colors of Fish Egg beads in a unique 20 compartment box with three sizes available. The colors are designed to take advantage of the fishes natural urge to feed on Steelhead, Trout and Salmon eggs.

Using single trout, steelhead, or salmon egg imitations to simulate eggs from spawning salmon and trout has been a deadly technique for years. Often times trout and salmon will ignore other presentations and actively feed on single eggs drifting in the current. The Fish Egg beads can be used to imitate the single salmon or trout eggs floating in the river. Just match the size and color of the beads to the trout, steelhead or salmon eggs currently in the river.
Pline Trout Beads.

How to Rig Trout Beads:
  • Step 1: After selecting the appropriate bead, thread the bead on the leader or line and tie off the end to a salmon egg hook.
  • Step 2: Position the bead 2 inches above the hook and insert a toothpich between the line and the bead to make it snug and stay in position.
  • Step 3: After the bead is secure on the line, break off the toothpick as illustrated.
  • ImageCodeNamePrice
    Pline6Fish Egg bead kit 6mm size

    20 different Fish Egg bead colors 6mm in size, used fishing for steelhead, salmon, trout and other egg eating fish.
    Pline-boxPline 20 compartment Storage Box


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