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Precision Trolling Big Water Edition Book

from Precision Angling Specialists

Precision Trolling Big Water Edition Book

The all new Big Water 2nd Edition features over 150 'Dive Curves' now targeted at the angler who trolls for walleye, trout or salmon in big water. Unlike the Precision Trolling book that provides depth diving data for crank baits, the Big Water Edition focuses on diving planers, lead core line, snap weights and other big water trolling gear. Anglers who are familiar with the Precision Trolling 'Dive Curve' format will note that the same technology has been used to illustrate the running depth of diving planers and other big water gear. Included are 'Dive Curves' for all the sizes and dive ring combinations of the Dipsy Diver and Slide-Diver, plus invaluable depth information for the outboard settings on these divers. In addition, 'Dive Curves' are provided for Jet Divers, Deep Six Divers and the Big Jon Mini Disks. Also included are 'Dive Curves' for size four, six and eight ounce Snap Weights and one pound lead balls! We didn't forget about lead core line. Dive charts are also provided for 18, 27 and 36 pound test lead core lines fished at all common lead lengths and two popular trolling speeds. Each trolling device was tested using several line types and diameters to provide anglers with the most comprehensive information possible. Testing on various line sizes took more time, but it also eliminates the need for confusing line conversion charts. Big divers like the Dipsy were tested with 30# test monofilament, 30# Power Pro and 30# wire line. Smaller divers like the Big Jon Mini Disks were tested with smaller/more appropriate sizes of monofilament and Fireline.


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