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Precision Trolling Book
Pro Edition

from Precision Angling Specialists

Precision Trolling Book

The Precision Trolling Pro Edition is printed on a synthetic water resistant material that's similar to that used in fishing maps. This new stock is water resistant, durable and able to withstand years of hard use. Each Pro Edition has a hole punched in the corner and shipped with a carabineer to keep the pages organized. As new lures are tested, periodic supplements to the Pro Edition that can be easily added as the angler chooses. Each supplement will contain an assortment of new and popular lures and released once a year. This updating system allows the customer to choose which supplement(s) contains the lures he or she may be interested in purchasing and also gets published Dive Curve data in the hands of anglers quickly.

The authors of Precision Trolling bring you the most comprehensive and advanced trolling guide available. By teaching you the fundamental aspects of trolling, and providing detailed "dive curves" for your favorite lures, Precision Trolling lets you accurately place your lures at precise depths. By doing so, you will improve trolling efficiency, avoid costly hang-ups, and add a new dimension to your fishing skills.

The fundamental tool of Precision Trolling is the "Dive Curve". We've studied over 230 crankbaits and other trolling devices using scuba. By studying crankbaits by direct underwater observation, reliable and accurate data can be obtained that represents the relationship between "feet back" and "feet down". When placed into graphical representations, these "dive curves" become veritable gunsights for a particular trolling tool. By understanding and controlling the other variables of depth control, the precision troller presents lures to precise depths with deadly accuracy! Now you too can join the savvy ranks of the Pro's who use Precision Trolling..

The book has been discontinued
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This product has been Discontinued by the
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