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Pro Cure

Pro Cure Bad Azz Bait Dyes
Liquid and Powder

Pro Cure Bad Azz Bait Dye

Pro Cure Bait Dyes are the perfect dye for big jobs. Whether you're dying salmon eggs, a few dozen herring, ballyhoo, or 10 pounds of prawns, this is the way to go. Pure concentrated bait dyes go along way in dying large quantities of bait. In just a few years the brilliant Bad Azz fluorescent colors have become legendary. Bad Azz Bait Dyes are recommended to be used in conjunction with Brine 'n Bite Bait Brine. Fish are definitely receptive to color. Thats why we fish so many colors of spoons, jigs, lures, etc. So why fish one color of baits when dyeing bait is so easy. If your baits are already preserved just give them a squirt of the instant Bad Azz Liquid Bait Dyes. If you want to dye baits at the same time as you brine your baits add either the powdered Bad Azz Dyes to your brine, or squirt in the liquid dyes Bad Azz Dyes.

PCD-PPPro Cure Bad Azz Liquid Bait Dye - Passion Purple

PCD-SRPro Cure Bad Azz Liquid Bait Dye - Scarlet Red

PCD-BFRPro Cure Bad Azz Powder Bait Dye - Brilliant Fluorescent Red

PCD-BPFPro Cure Bad Azz Powder Bait Dye - Brite Pink Fluorescent

PCD-CLPro Cure Bad Azz Powder Bait Dye - Chartreuse Lime

PCD-DPPro Cure Bad Azz Powder Bait Dye - Deep Purple

PCD-FOPro Cure Bad Azz Powder Bait Dye - Fire Orange Fluorescent

PCD-MBPro Cure Bad Azz Powder Bait Dye - Metallic Blue


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